Slavic cards how to discard cards.

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Slavic cards how to discard cards.

We will have two types of cards discard, known as “Down Cards”. Which are even and odd cards. Before playing cards. We must first look at what cards in the round. If it is an odd card, it cannot play an even card. This will directly depend on what kind of cards the first person puts down. which can divide as follows

  • Single card is playing a single card. The next player must deal only the higher cards. or play a triple card instead
  • A pair of cards is two cards of the same rank. The next player must deal a higher pair or 4 cards only, cannot play single or triple cards.
  • Three cards are three cards of the same face value. This causes other players to only deal with the three cards that are higher. If not, then start a new round.
  • Four cards are four cards of the same face value. If no one plays 4 higher cards then start a new round.

How to play Slav?

Even though it looks like a simple card game, it doesn’t make much sense. But let me tell you that it’s a card that we can’t come to play randomly because if we start playing bad cards at first, we have a broken head on how to do to survive being a slave. Or the advantages of this type of card that I can see will be divided into 3 main points:

  1. We fight with the players ourselves.
  2. have planned for each card
  3. Can outsmart to turn the situation from a person who is close to being a slave to a king.

 How to play Slavic cards

After we have enough to know the basic rules. How to count points, then some. Let’s take a look at how to play Slavic cards . The key to playing this card game is to discard all the cards first. Suppose we play with 4 people, there will a way to play as follows.

  1. Using 1 deck of cards, they are dealt equally to all players, each getting 13 cards.
  2. The person who has 3 cards must be the first to place the cards. and the cards placed in the pot must 3.
  3. circulating playing cards can go anywhere
  4. The playing card must be dealt a card that is higher than the community card only.
  5. If there are no cards that can be dealt Players can request a pass in that round.
  6. If no one can place a card higher than the central. It is considered to be the end of the round and then remove all the community cards. Then the last player must be the first to start placing cards.
  7. Keep doing this until the cards are out of the hands of all players.
  8. The player who runs out of cards first is considered the King, the next person is the Queen, until the last person is called the Deputy Slav, and ends with the last person is the Slav.

For most playing techniques, players will first choose the cards with the lowest points in their hand. to prevent the cards from remaining in the hand for a long time Even then, we can play high cards first so that we can be the first to land. Then gradually release the low card in the hand, which is not wrong. Even if the lowest point of the Slavic is 3, if we have more than 2 3’s in our hand, it will be a big card right away. If you plan well. We can Slavic cards easy win at UFABET.