Techniques and formulas for Pokdeng

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Techniques and formulas for Pokdeng.

Unlike other online games that use various computer-aided formulas to calculate probabilities quite accurately. This article is therefore consider very special. Because we have gathered techniques and formulas that Sian cherish for friends to read for free. I can assure you that this bounce recipe must the coolest and most popular. The kind that can’t pull for sure. Let’s go see at UFABET

1. Techniques for bouncing with targeted profits

Master-level Pokdeng gamblers all say the same voice that This technique is indispensable for becoming a pro gambler. Because it is a small thing that is very important and should not be ignore. If no goals have set The commitment along the way will unstable. May be lost in a whirlpool of random bouncing games. Until it can easily affect your finances.

So we recommend setting a profit target in a clear number. There is a high probability that this can done from the available funds. It must not be too high and not so low that it does not win any profits Pokdeng. The number that is suitable for setting a profit target should be 100% of the capital is best. It is considered a technique to reduce stress while betting. Including reducing the risk of losing all capital.

2. Statistical analysis technique of bouncing

Many people think that playing poker bounces. must rely on the horoscope alone But did you know that analyzing card score statistics is one of the things that a master chooses to use along with? That’s because looking at card point statistics is the most accurate and easy to use method of guessing. by observing the dealer’s score If the result is more than 5 points in a row, more than 5 times, can bet more to beat the dealer.

3. Pok-bounce technique by observing the rhythm of the poker cards  

Another technique that would like gamblers to try to apply in a bounce card game. Just keep observing that the dealer’s card is Pok 8 or Pok 9 more than 2 times or more, in the next round, all bets can be rolled up. To make a profit from this round to be many times more This technique has a chance of winning up to 75%.

Introduce a formula to draw a bounce card that works.

  • If the total point of the 2 cards is less than 3, 4 points. More cards should drawn.
  • If the total point of both cards is 5 and is not a bounce card. More cards should drawn. 
  • If the total point of both cards is 5 and it is a bounce Should consider the chances of being a sort of card or not. If there is certain that it is attractive. It should be drawn more.