Fantan betting, what are the rules of playing.

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Fantan betting, what are the rules of playing.

Fantan, what are the rules of playing?

fFantan betting game It’s a type of game. that are very popular to play at this time. Because there is an easy betting process. With the rules of play that Just predict the prize of the beans that the remainder from splitting the beans into piles. Each pile has 4 beans and the last pile is the shards. What rewards will be issue? Find the answer here Come up by  ทางเข้า UFABET

  • If 1 leftover is a 1 point reward
  • 2 soybeans is a 2 point reward.
  • 3 soybeans is a 3 point reward.
  • 4 soybeans is the result of 4 points.

In addition, there are other rules of play as well, such as the style of play and the payouts. which you will need to know what types of betting And how much will the prize payout be? Because the time to play the game. Will be understood and play correctly enough. That the details in this section Admin will explain in the next section. If you are ready, let’s follow.

Fantan play style

For the form of playing Fantan today Admin will give an example for everyone to see. For the style of play in this website. It can play in 3 different ways. Which are divided as follows.

Single player style

In this part of the style of playing single favorites, Which is betting on the result of the prize of the bean bits, The result is 1 in 4 of all single bets, i.e. can bet as follows

Three-player style

Finally, for the Triple Betting style, it is betting on the outcome of the draw. The remaining beans, resulting in 3 out of 4, such as predicting the results of the remaining bean scraps, numbers 4-2-3. If the results of the prizes come out as numbers 4, numbers 2 or numbers 3 (any number), we is the winner part number three that we can bet on can be divided into groups of numbers as follows