Precautions before eating durian. 

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Durian is rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin C. But at the same time it provides energy. Such as carbohydrates, sugars and fats quite high 100 grams of durian, or about 2 small grains. Will provide about 140–180 calories of energy, with 30 grams of carbohydrates. Which is about the same amount as 2 scoops of rice menu, and also contains 15 grams of sugar. Which is almost 4 grams of sugar a teaspoon ever.

And if it’s processed durian, such as fried durian, paste and sticky rice will provide even more high energy We should eat durian in the right amount. UFABETThat is about no more than 1 pool per day or 2 small to medium tablets or about 80-100 grams and should not be eaten consecutively on a daily basis.

However, people with certain health conditions may need to avoid or specifically limit their intake of durian, for example:

  • Patients with diabetes,  patients with cardiovascular disease and patients with high blood pressure. Because may result in higher blood pressure, sugar and blood fat levels. 
  • Patients with high blood potassium  Heart disease patients who need to control their potassium intake. and kidney disease patients especially in the final stages. Because is high in potassium. Therefore, it may be dangerous for this group of patients.
  • Healthy pregnant and lactating women can eat durian normally. But if there is a history of obesity, diabetes, gestational diabetes. A family member has diabetes. or high sugar while pregnant during the last trimester. You should avoid eating. Because it can affect the mother and the baby