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Best source of iron for anemia

Best source of iron for anemia The daily iron requirement It depends a lot on age and gender. Consult with your doctor to find out if How much do you need each day from food for anemia? The recommended intake for adult men and women over 51 is 8

Supplements “Iron” Prevent “Anemia”

Supplements “Iron” Prevent “Anemia” There are many factors that can cause anemia. Sometimes there is a lack of certain nutrients. especially iron It can also cause anemia. Get to know iron at สมัคร ufabet supplements that can help you in this regard. Anemia means According to 2001 data from the U.S.

Why are some people “stressed”

Why are some people “stressed” and can’t eat VS “stressed” and eat too much? Stress can affect your mental state. and our bodies in ways that you may not expect Because stress can affect eating behavior. restful sleep to the state of mind and mind that affects our actions

Dangers of melatonin supplements for insomniacs

Dangers of melatonin supplements for insomniacs. Anyone who can’t sleep and buy supplements that contain melatonin as an ingredient. Be careful of the dangers that may occur to your body in the long term. If you can’t sleep, you should see a doctor for treatment. Report from

Food sources high in zinc.

Zinc plays an important role in many body processes such as the digestive system. energy metabolism child growth. And development process cell division to help strengthen the skin, nerves, immune system and is also an important component of various enzymes in the body. Food sources of zinc and can be easily eaten

Possible side effects of caffeine consumption.

Regular consumption of caffeine or excessive intake of caffeine. It can cause more harm than good as follows: Insomnia. One of the benefits is that it makes you alert and not sleepy. But at the same time Consuming too much can lead to insomnia , studies have found. If you get too

Headache after drinking alcohol.

When alcohol enters the body. The pumped blood carries the ethanol in alcohol to the brain and organs throughout the body. Causing the nervous system to function differently. As a result, it can cause feelings of intoxication, dizziness and headaches. For people with migraine, drinking alcohol may short-lived or

Precautions before eating durian. 

Durian is rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin C. But at the same time it provides energy. Such as carbohydrates, sugars and fats quite high 100 grams of durian, or about 2 small grains. Will provide about 140–180 calories of energy, with 30