Headache after drinking alcohol.

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When alcohol enters the body. The pumped blood carries the ethanol in alcohol to the brain and organs throughout the body. Causing the nervous system to function differently. As a result, it can cause feelings of intoxication, dizziness and headaches. For people with migraine, drinking alcohol may short-lived or exacerbate these types of headaches even with large amounts.

In addition, drinking alcohol can cause the body to lose more water than usual. whether from an increased excretory system or vomiting. When the body loses large amounts of fluid, it causes dehydration. This resulted in a headache the next morning. UFABET This is known as a hangover or hangover.

to prevent headaches after drinking. Either from migraines or from dehydration. Alcohol should be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of this condition. Include frequent sips of water after drinking to compensate for lost water.

What are the symptoms after drinking alcohol? Should I see a doctor?

After drinking alcohol If you experience unusual symptoms that never happened before or that appear more severe. Such as confusion, convulsions, slow breathing, pale skin, dark skin, coldness, or loss of consciousness. You should seek medical attention immediately. This could be a sign poisoning that can lead to coma and death.

In addition, if an allergic reaction is found, such as severe hives, red eyes, swollen skin, swollen face, swollen lips and throat, suffocation, and fainting, the affected person should be taken to the hospital immediately. Because severe allergic reactions can also cause death.

While some scientific evidence suggests that drinking in moderation can be good for health, this is not conclusively confirmed extensive.