Why are some people “stressed”

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Why are some people “stressed” and can’t eat VS “stressed” and eat too much?

Stress can affect your mental state. and our bodies in ways that you may not expect Because stress can affect eating behavior. restful sleep to the state of mind and mind that affects our actions towards others as well. Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com

stress and eating behavior

Many people may have experienced this. Stressed about studies, work, love. Family matters and other matters that affect our eating habits to change Some people can’t eat until they’re thin. Some people eat so much that they become fat.

Chronic stress that affects the body May result in decreased appetite, for example

  • headache migraine
  • flatulence, indigestion
  • Tight muscles
  • Tired, exhausted
  • cannot sleep
  • mood changes I can’t control my emotions.
  • forgetfulness such as forgetting house keys, wallet, mobile phone, or forgetting simple things that should not be forgotten
  • Heart beating faster and faster
  • sexual dysfunction
  • It is a serious disease with chronic symptoms.

As for chronic stress that affects the mind But the body doesn’t have much impact, such as being heartbroken, not winning the lottery, being bored in things that are not very serious. It may make us crave more food. Because the body secretes a stress hormone called Cortisol hormone and hunger hormones Or the hormone ghrelin comes out, thus making us have more appetite. Especially women who turn to food more easily than men. to turn to cigarettes or more alcohol Eating food that provides immediate energy Makes your stomach full and satisfied easily Is food that is high in sugar and fat, such as desserts, fried food, bakery, grilled, ice cream, starchy and sugary foods. 

Relieve stress With food that is good for health

Whether you are stressed and unable to eat or overeating If turning to eat healthy food It will help keep our bodies from being affected by too much stress, so when stressed. Let’s turn to eat clean food. Mediterranean diet that emphasizes vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken (no skin) by using methods of cooking by boiling, steaming, grilling and cooking less.

Also, don’t forget to relieve stress by exercising. Do activities that you like, such as listening to your favorite music, watching your favorite movie. Or find time to meet friends, talk, do activities with friends, this can help reduce stress without harming the body.