Trackademicks featuring Phonte “Fool On The Hill”

Despite keeping a steady pace of remixes, original productions and the occasional feature on deck, there hasn’t been a Trackademicks solo release since last year’s “Enjoy What You Do” /”Topsidin” single… until now, BAM!  We’re excited to finally drop  “Fool on the Hill”, the lead off single from Track’s upcoming “State Of The Arts” project.  The production is his own brand of ‘electro-soul slap’, combining Track’s affinity of mid-90′s Bay Area Mobb Music and 80′s New Wave and Sophisti-Pop sounds.

Track got previous collaborator, Little Brother and Foreign Exchange founder (a/k/a the host of Gordon Gartrell Radio a/k/a your favorite actor-turnt-rapper-turnt-singer’s FAVORITE MC) Phonte to lend his vocal stylings and voila! it’s finally here for you to enjoy… knock, bump, slap and ride out to!

This release also marks the beginning of a single series presented by the HNRL, with upcoming releases from 1-O.A.K., Spank Pops, Mike Baker the Bike Maker, Josie Stingray, Whiz and MoxMore coming soon!

Check back for more updates on “State Of The Arts” project.

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