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Your Daily Dose Of The Unknown – 5 Facts About Ed Sheeran You Likely Don’t Have A Clue About!

A self-made artist who manages to captivate audiences with little more than a guitar, an incredible voice and an ability to write soulful lyrics, we have many reason to love Ed Sheeran!

Just like any other artist however, there are plenty of quirky facts about this guy that you likely don’t have a clue about! Fancy reading about a few of them? We thought so! Here they come – 5 facts about Ed Sheeran. If you didn’t already know them, then we hope you’ll enjoy them! If you did already know them – then it looks like you should be the one writing this!

5 Facts About Ed Sheeran You Likely Don’t Have A Clue About!

At Number 5 ….

Ed’s passion for music kicked in very early. At the age of 4 he was a singer in the church choir!

At Number 4 ….

It’s clear to see that Ed Sheeran has a passion for his guitars. He does however take the love one step further – each of his guitars has a name! Here they are: Lloyd, Nigel, Felix and Cyril.

At Number 3 ….

One of Ed’s top TV show features a very young Will Smith and a theme tune that starts with, ‘Now this is the story all about how …’, you got it, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! One of Ed’s tattoos actually has the word, ‘Prince’, in honor of the show!

At Number 2 ….

His songs are not seen as just words, but as a color. That’s right, this artist feels each and every word of his lyrics and sees the song in the light of a certain color.

At Number 1 ….

He’s a deep thinker and happy to impart his wisdom to others. In fact here come a few of his wise words that certainly reveal a young artist, with an old soul, ‘There’s no key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone’.

There’s no doubt that Ed Sheeran has gained much popularity since his career launched, for one solid and clear reason; this guy is not just likable and down-to-earth, he is a musical genius!

His songs are not just generic pop tracks to tap our feet to, instead they are deep wells of soul, feeling, emotion and vulnerability. Truth be known, surely there are a whole lot more facts about Ed Sheeran that we are never likely to have a clue about!

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