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The Freedom of The Weekend

The weekend is a special time when we take a physical and mental break of the pressures and inept circumstances of life in general. Beginning on Friday night, the weekend is a pressure valve where we can let off steam from the previous weeks forced situations that we all endure.

When the weekend comes it’s time to let loose and make plans for some fun, or perhaps catching up on all of that yard work is in the plans. When you have free time, you can literally do what you want to do, even to the point of doing nothing.

The weekend is when all of your favorite sports programs are running whether it’s football, college or professional, baseball or basketball, depending on the season.

If sports are not your thing, then perhaps its time for a short trip to visit friends or relatives, or even take the family to a park for a picnic or a hike.

Without time on the weekends for people to have time to relax and just kick back, we would find ourselves in a terrible state. Just think if you spent seven days a week working how miserable you would become.

Friday nights are great for going out, perhaps to dinner, then a movie, or maybe just take the family and hang out at a miniature golf establishment. Go-Karts are loads of fun as are trips to the local pizza parlor.

Take a warm Saturday, and head for the nearest water park, but don’t forget the sun tan lotion. A spent wading, splashing, sliding down the many slides and just relaxing will do wonders for the attitude of everyone, and all will sleep well Saturday night.

Sundays are for church, picnics, taking in a movie, and just relaxing. Sunday afternoon is for getting the expanded family together at Grandma’s house and enjoying her traditional Sunday afternoon home cooked meal.

Perhaps a Sunday afternoon road trip is in order, maybe to visit a nearby town and learn more about areas that you normally don’t frequent. Visits to museums, country venues, and a general overall discovery trip is lots of fun.

Weekends are and American tradition where we leave the worries of work behind and reconnect with family and friends. We should never take for granted those with whom we are close to, as we can get too busy sometimes and those relationships can suffer.

Weekends – make the most of them and get refreshed. You’ll be better suited to handles all the problems and issues that you know will come up during the week.