5 Best Places for Live Music in Las Vegas

1. Planet Hollywood
Planter Hollywood can be found at the center of the well known Las Vegas Strip. The establishment itself is a well decorated casino filled with a wide variety of entertainment, dining and shopping. This casino also has a relaxing spa for you to go and just soothe your body. This fine establishment provides you with a plethora of celebrity guest that will gladly sing you their top finest hits, Britney spears for example is one of the many celebrities available at his fine establishment for all tome come by and enjoy.

2.Caesars Palace
Caesars Palace is another great establishment for all to come by and enjoy. It has a wide number of lavish rooms, great dining and incredible shopping centers for all to come and explore. It was first opened in 1966 and has been a great place to come and visit ever since. This is also a great establishment for your favorite singers to come by and entertain you, singing you and the rest of the audience their best musical works. This people include Celine Dion, Elton John and Rob Stewart. Be prepared to come by and enjoy over an hour of the works of the most famed singers through out the nation.

Another great establishment to enjoy live music would be the Flamingo that is also located in the treat of Las Vegas. This exotic resort promises great water attractions and animal entertainment. It’s a fine place to come and enjoy the food as well as to just relax with your family and friends. This fine resort also offers a good deal of musicians that many will come to enjoy such as Donny and Marie Osmond. Like other establishments on this list, children up to 10 are allowed to come and enjoy their hits, it’s a family friendly environment both the parents and children can enjoy.

4. Harrah’s
Another well known resort that is found in the heart of Las vegas is Harrah’s. This fine resort has a wide variety of entertainment and an upbeat atmosphere, this fine resort offers comedy clubs, pubs, karaoke and much more for the audience to enjoy. The types of live music that this resort offers includes The Righteous Brothers, Tenors of Rock and X Country. All of their schedules and performances can be looked up, even if you miss one show you always have an opportunity to see another while enjoying all the unique entertainment the resort has to offer. The singers give out their greatest hits to the audience and will not disappoint you.

The last but not least resort on this list, that is also found within the strip of Las Vegas would be Venetian. It is described to be a place where the spirit of Italy is alive. It offers lovely pasta, strolling performers and an eco friendly environment. It known for is great gourmet dining but also offers great entertainment, including live music just like the other resorts of this list. These entertainment options include but are not limited to the Human Nature Jukebox, The Essential Diana Ross: Some Memories Never Fade and more in the near future. Ages as young as five are welcomed within these establishments, it offers a great experience for you and your family to come and enjoy some of the greatest hits by some of the most greatest singers.

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